What to expect
when you contact me

A great time
that's what!!!

Your wedding day should be a bloody good ol time, so why can’t the planning stage? I bring the same energy and excitement to all our interactions as your going to get on your kick-ass day.

In saying when you first contact me you get to choose to catch up via a phone, zoom or we can catch up like the old days face to face for a libation.

When we do catch up – I’m going to nut out all the boring legal stuff first (let’s get that stuff out of the way). Don’t worry i’m going to do all the hard yards and make the this bit easy peasy!!!

Then let’s get down to the bloody fun stuff. We are going to brain storm what you and your lover really want in a ceremony. It;s exciting to at times hilarious coming up with all kinds of ideas about your ceremony we can do everything from a shoey to a dance off within your ceremony and im all in for you both!!!

And look it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have all the answers right away its a dynamic plan that we can change up at anytime.

We also chat about those fear vows – yea there are some legal stuff you need to say… But we can work on what you want to add in. I’ll guide you through the terrifying notion that yoru about to stand up infront of your nearest and dearest and profess your undying love to your lover – no presure legend but i have you covered!!!

From here I’m going to get you and your lover to complete a simple questionaire – but its a secret don’t tell ANYONE what you put in it – it guides me to write the “Mona Lisa” of ceremonies from you and your lover.

Then GAME DAY – the day you have been waiting for – you’ve done the “hard” work. You’re dressed your best… but don’t fret im going to be there before you, im going to get to know all your vendors and venue co-ordinators and work with them so your day goes seamlessly!!!

Then you arrive – what you don’t know is your crowd is pumped – they are keen to see you up front as you and your lover get hitched.

I tell your story – i make everyone laugh, maybe a few of them cry (yea maybe they missed out on being your lover… maybe?)

Then we pop bottles and party

‘Cause you’re Married!